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Archives for October 2013

Bluegrass N’ Beers

Backcountry Brewery So Travis heard of free blue grass night at this bar downtown in Frisco. He wanted to catch up with some people back at his old job at Backcountry Brewery so we swung by there first. Jeff hooked us up with free beer the night, which was awesome. I had about three or

bouldering, hiking, cycling, backpacking

Swan Mountain

I woke up and hung out for a bit before grabbing my new GoLite JAM backpack, some essentials and my bicycle, which somehow still runs from all the abuse I have put it through. I set out for bouldering on Swan Mountain, which if you remember from the earlier blog posts was the mountain I

cycling, backpacking, golite

Without a Glove

Cycling to Silverthorne I woke up and ended up cycling to the library in Frisco to use a computer.  I needed to see how to fix my tablet.  In the past few days my phone and tablet broke down, but I managed to fix them after buying some parts on Amazon to reflash a few

Hiking Frisco Peaks Trail

Hiking Frisco Peaks Trail I ended up hiking for about three or four miles today through National Forest finishing up in Frisco near the hospital.  The perfect day for hiking.  I changed out of my cold gear and trekked up the side of the mountain in sweat pants, minimalist shoes and a techwick t-shirt.  The

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