Al's Place Farmington, MO
Al's Place Farmington, MO

Al’s Place

Looks like I am stuck at Al’s Place for another day. The TransAm Cyclery is closed on Sunday and the nearest bicycle shop is 39.1 miles away in Crystal City, MO. I am going to post on CouchSurfing to see if I can crash at someone’s house tonight. I have a place to stay, but it’s always more fun meeting new people and exchanging stories. Tomorrow I will see if I need a new rim for my bicycle. I already replaced the lining with thick tape, and switched to thorn resistant tubes, but the inside of my tubes keep popping. The tubes I purchased were 20 to 23C x 700, but I asked for 23 to 25C x 700…So I am crossing my fingers that they sold me the wrong tubes again. I have only run into one reliable bike shop along the way and that was in Vincennes, Indiana. Allen definitely knew the mechanics of a bicycle. When I took it to him he checked over the rim and everything appeared to be fine. I will get it checked out tomorrow. I have just been putting so much money into tubes that it’s unreal. Over 12 front tubes in the matter of a few days at about eight dollars a piece tends to get quite expensive. I am going to check the web and see if there is something exciting to do today within walking distance. When I spoke with Ken last night he suggested Taum Sauk Mountain State Park and hot springs in the area. I just do not know how far away they are located. For now I’m lounging at Al’s Place and resting up for another big day of cycling tomorrow.

I forgot to mention I emailed Adam and found him on Instagram. Noticed he is almost in Florida. That guy is a beast. He started in Colorado touring across the country on his bicycle. Apparently after I met up with him in Virginia he ditched his front panniers after seeing my minimalist setup. Glad I could help him out. Maybe I will see him when I hit Colorado.

I finished a lot of items on my agenda today since I took a zero day again (sadly). I hate staying in the same spot more than a day. I have become so accustomed to roaming around each day that it gets boring sitting on my ass, but I enjoyed lounging on the comfy couches at Al’s Place. I wrote out three postcards, one to Maizy, one to Lexi, and one to my Mother, Sister and Erick. I finished watching some movies on Netflix, cancelled my auto insurance, and updated Facebook with the rest of the photos from my trip thus far. A guy on Instagram suggested I take the Katy Trail through Missouri. He said it’s less steep, no cars, and just as scenic. I am going to inquire about it at the TransAm Cyclery tomorrow when they check out my front rim to see if I need a replacement. If this is the case I will veer off the trail and take the Katy Trail through the rest of Missouri. I don’t think I will get to see Chelsea before she leaves this weekend, but it’s a possibility. Maybe she can show me around Mizzou. If not there are many other places I need to check out still so it doesn’t matter. I also uploaded a GoPRO video to YouTube of me crossing the MacArthur Bridge from Illinois to Missouri over the Mississippi River, but it’s still processing. I will be sure to embed the link here once it’s up and viewable. It’s nothing special, but I wanted you all to see the view I saw while going over the bridge. The video quality is actually quite detailed.


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