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Chester Illinois

Chester Illinois

Taxidermy IL

An interesting taxidermy place…it was closed otherwise I would have popped in to visit!

I woke up today on the futon around 8 AM surprisingly I wasn’t hungover from the Blue Moons we pounded down the night before.  I thanked Phillip for his hospitality.  He left for class and I stuck around updating my blog, eating waffles with syrup for breakfast and packing my gear for today’s adventure.

I finally got back on the TransAmerica Trail today after being off of it for over a week since I journeyed off to see Trevor.  The scenery truly turns your head and the pictures I post do not do it justice.  I wish I bought an expensive camera before I left to get better shots, however, I think my phone does quite well for what it’s worth.

Chester, Illinois

More scenery from IL

I took a rest day and only trekked about 45 miles since I left around noon and grabbed some accessories for my bike at Phoenix Cycles.  I bought some tape for the inside of my rims so hopefully my front tubes will stop popping, a patch kit and two more thorn resistant tubes. 

Surprisingly I did not meet anyone today on the road, which I found rather odd since it’s Friday. Nonetheless, the scenery made up for it ten fold.  I’m at a campground right now charging my electronics and scoping the area for a spot to stealth camp.

Chester, Illinois

Chester Illinois – Wandering down the open road in Chester, Illinois

Chester Illinois

One of the many, murky, rivers in Chester, Illinois!

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