Monon Trail
Bridge climbing on Monon Trail. It took me a while to get the balls to do this free climbing stunt.

Climbin’ Girders on the Monon

Monon Trail, Indianapolis, IN

I took a rest day today.  We hit up a huge bike shop, Dick’s and Best Buy.  I bought replacement USB cables for my phone and battery, a cold gear under armour long sleeve shirt, goPRO Hero3, chain lube, and a front basket for the front of my bike.  This will counterbalance some of the weight in the back and I can just keep my backpack in there when I’m riding to easily access food and water without stopping.

Other than that I just ate a lot of food and we free climbed a decent sized steel girder bridge on the Monon Trail.  We are going to St. Paul’s White Rock tomorrow to check out their cliff jumping spots.  They also have zip-lining among other activities.  Maybe hit up the rock gym too.

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