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Who Let the Dogs Out?

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Hindman, Kentucky

I biked 90 miles today and made it all the way to Hindman, KY. Down the road I met a few cyclists going to Yorktown, VA. Mel and Stan who were both older, retired gentlemen.  They informed me to watch out for vicious dogs ahead and that there were a few nice places to sleep at in Hindman, KY.  Stan gave me Steve’s number if I needed to rest at the Baptist church, but I wound up finding a different place to stay at Hindman Settlement Building, which was once a boarding school for kids in the late 1800 and early 1900s.

The trek today took much longer than expected because I road 10 miles north when I was supposed to go west on Route 122. I didn’t look at the map when I met up with Stan at BP Gas station. This made the trip a few hours longer, but I wound up finding a nice discount general store called Gary’s Discount where the owner let me buy 6 little debbies, a pack of glazed donuts and box of powdered donuts for just a dollar. The box of donuts wound up being straight mold. I scarfed down three before I realized the strange, stagnant taste, but I had gone too far. So I ate soup to get the taste out of my mouth.

Hindman, KY

Cycling down the back roads of Hindman, KY

Aside from that I had a handful of dogs try to attack me. I ran out of pepper spray but noticed raising your hand works well. If you keep cycling they tend to just run out of gas and leave you be. I actually just put a coffee cake in my mouth when I was on the verge of getting attacked. I peddled as fast as I could and got away. I could have sacrificed the food, but I was hungry and it appears I made the right choice.

After getting to Hindman I met Phil and Jone who let me shower at their apartment and fill up my camelpak with water. They have me a spot to sleep near the settlement building in the grass area. I passed out in minutes from exhaustion.

Hindman, Kentucky

More winding roads right outside of Hindman, Kentucky…

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