Bold Rock Hard Cider
Bold Rock Hard Cider

Sippin’ on Bold Rock Hard Cider

Bold Rock Hard Cider
Grabbing a beer at Bold Rock Hard Cider

Last night I stealth camped behind White Hall Community Center. I’ve gone about 30 miles today through parts of the Shenandoah Mountains. I veered off the route and took route 790 where I met Terry Parkins who gave me a connection for a civil engineering position in Seattle. I almost got attacked by a few dogs since no one seems to utilize fences around these parts. As long as I kept going they seemed to leave me be. I ended up grabbing some groceries at the local BP gas station and ventured off down the road to find Bold Rock Hard Cider where I did a tasting and drank a few hard cider apple brews which were delicious of course.

The sky is very cloudy and the area is experiencing scattered showers so I have decided to squat in the evergreen trees on their property until I’m able to continue cycling. I may end up stealth camping here as the original campground is only a few miles away and I’ll save some money as long as I’m not seen.

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