TransAmerica Trail DE to CO

Charlottesville, VA
Fields of green next to Route 29 in Charlottesville, VA.

I’ve gone about 35 miles today so far and I am right outside of Charlottesville. Taking a rest for a few hours. My knee is messed up. Not quite sure what’s wrong with it, but as Neil said on our hiking trip, “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” So I will be fine. Just trying to figure out where I will end up sleeping tonight whether it be hotel, motel or the side of the road. The scenery on Route 29 was beautiful despite it being cloudy and about to downpour.

Charlottesville, VA
The cloudy sky looming above Route 29 in Charlottesville, VA

I’ve really started to like the area and the last week has been even better than I had imagined before I decided to sell my possessions and hit the road. I’ve met many people who envy what I’m doing, some think I’m crazy, some are in between, but in the end I’m happy and having the experience of a lifetime seeing the countryside in a way most people will never get the chance to do so.


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