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Campin’ in a Trailer

Campin’ in a Trailer

Last night was great. I rode 65 miles to Cedar Mountain Campground, but it looked really rundown. I rode past it and asked for directions from the Marks family. They wound up suggesting I sleep in their yard due to the crime over there. I wound up partying with them that night until 1 AM. We had some beers and pizza. Eric was hilarious and the center of the party.  I laughed my ass off for hours. We talked about previous jobs, conspiracy theories, jokes, drugs and the area.

I wound up sleeping in a small trailer on their lawn.

Camp Road

Right outside Cedar Mountain Campground in Culpeper, VA. Slept inside of a trailer thanks to Wendy.

When I woke up they made me hashbrowns, eggs and pancakes with orange juice. It was raining so they offered me to spend the day with them and that I could sleep in a bed tonight before I head out to Charlottesville tomorrow morning. We went to a restaurant for dinner where I had a pig pulled pork sandwich and a glass of water, which they served in mason jars.

Other than that we have just been lounging around talking and watching television. It has been a relaxing day and gave my knee the opportunity to recover a bit before my next ride into the unknown.

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