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Archives for May 2013

Washington State Mt. Rainier

Chasing the Dream

Chasing the Dream

Delaware to Washington State

I have wanted to do this trip for quite a long time, and I have finally been given the opportunity to go through with it.  I was recently laid off from my job as a Geotechnical Engineer and realized this may be the only chance I have to fulfill this intense bike trek across the states while I am still young.  In preparation for the trip I have sold most of my belongings.  I am going towards a minimalist lifestyle and believe that the less material items you possess causes less problems and promotes happiness.  I want to do this trip to see how much money you really ‘need’ to live on and to acquire a different perspective on life.  I will always be a thrill seeker, but some things in life are more appreciated at a slower pace and I have chosen to finally set out on my vagabonding adventure in July 2013.  I have not done too much preparation.  I want to obtain my Basic “A” skydiving license first before I go on through with this and I also plan on doing a week or two of hiking and camping in the woods just to get a feel on that lifestyle before I begin my voyage out west.  I do not have a set route or plan, which to some may be chaotic, but I want to feel the full experience and whatever happens, happens.  I am confident in my ability to succeed and I have been training my whole life for this.

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