Wandering Aimlessly

Hey, I'm Brian Cray - adventure travel writer and seasonal worker. Follow my adventure short stories on hitchhiking, train hopping and wandering.

Chartreuse Sky

Vibrant fall branches, a facade of chartreuse sky, whispers with the wind.

Be a Freight

"This is a fictionalized story based off the dumb shit I've seen people do on YouTube...this is for all the YouTube view whores and clowns who don't respect the train and treat it like a playground. If you're gonna ride and post vids at least be safe and know what you're doing?" Gray drizzled the sky through the wisps of clouds and my feet scampered along the slick parking lot with my friend hustling beside me. My head swiveled back-and-forth. Between the flash of red brick facade and the drowning squeals of freight rolling tenderly along the steel, my heart...

50 Shades of Train

People know you ride when she rolls into a town, with you drenched in grease. Your face smudged in dirt. Your fingernails are deep black. You ramblin' train tramp.

Mystery Man

My face is my face, but I am still a ghost, yes, I am still a ghost.

Sentimental Scribblings

Immersed in the wax, Scribbling, writing emotions, Leaving marks behind...

Walla-Walla-Bing-Bong, Cassidy and Holiday

Hitchhiking Volcano National Park https://youtu.be/k5wbdFcwhQ0 I pushed my flight back until November 14th while my visa processed for New Zealand. With the sudden change of destinations...

Freedom is Blind

Gorgonize my ears With that sudden wrench of steel Blind me with freedom
Pioneer Park

Hitchhiking to California

Hitchhiking to California We stood near the on-ramp of I-70 West flying a sign that said, "West." The vehicles whizzed by the roundabout right before...
Abandoned Arizona - Phoenix Trotting Park

Abandoned Phoenix Trotting Park (Demolished)

Abandoned Arizona - Phoenix Trotting Park - Goodyear, AZ (Demolished) Stationary living is different than wandering around aimlessly, especially in the desert. The dry heat...
Freight Train Hopping out of Hamilton

Night Rider of the Blue Dusk

Train Hopping Auckland Loud nasally snores echoed from the living room and I tapped Zep to wake him, but he did not budge. He lay...
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