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Table of Contents

Table of Contents Under A ‘Needle Infested’ Bridge Gettin’ Flooded Here Comes the Rooster Speedballin’, Spacebags, and Sidewalk Slammers One Man, One Needle and Greenhorns Face Tats and Steelies The Sunset Line Meets Border Patrol Kicked in the Face by a Moose 8 Thumbs and a Dog Goin’ East The Misfit 4 Runners in Snakeskin

Train Hopping

A Composition of Short Stories

Over my past few years of misfit travel I honed my skills of writing in an effort to write a book, but somewhere along the way I lost myself.  I veered off the open road, searching for a style, an affinity if you will, of writing similar to Jack Kerouac, and other beat authors of

Dirty Face in Pecos

Martin dropped us off at the Love’s in Pecos.  But, by then the black dawn shimmered under loose stars vaguely seen through the stormy clouds, so we refrained from night hitchhiking.  My nose flushed to a blushy red and I sniffled on the sidewalk by the sandy loams of desert.  Sand particles stuck to the

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Travel Oahu on a Cheap Budget

Travel Oahu on a Cheap Budget This guide is very similar to my guide on how to Travel Maui on a Cheap Budget.  As an avid backpacker traveler around the world, every year I learn more about traveling cheaply and on a low budget, between my seasonal jobs.  In this guide I will go over

Sacred Falls Takes Some Balls

Hiking Hawaii Sacred Falls Trail So after bumming around Kauai and Maui for a month with my wife I found myself back in Oahu for a few days of work along with sunshine and a thirst for more exploration. Now I did not do much research about hiking Hawaii Sacred Falls trail. I knew it

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Southeast Asia

Chong Phli Village Motorbike Victim

Chong Phli Village “This post goes back to 2015 when I was hitchhiking through Southeast Asia to meet up with my friend Bond in Chong Phli Village to go rock climbing for a few weeks.  After almost four years of working on pieces of a novel I have finally figured out what I want to

Hitchhiking Pagoh with Chewbacca

Hitchhiking Pagoh The night sky dispersed after a few hours of walking into the radiant sunrise. A revitalizing breeze cooled my skin in this time, but shortly after the sunrise I sought refuge in the shade, stopping at a small food shack in a village outside of Muar, on my way to Pagoh. An old,

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