Wandering Aimlessly

Hey, I'm Brian Cray - adventure travel writer and seasonal worker. Follow my adventure short stories on hitchhiking, train hopping and wandering.

Greed and the Grave

When the sun stings the somber eye and the curtains fade to endless sky, I can only hope for passion in this life. Without passion there is only greed. The palpable spirit, so free, so wild, should never be tamed, but in brevity, meandering the sinuous path unknown to even he. For he himself seeks life of a thousand unknowns, garnering each jagged piece to the puzzle of creativity with the eye of a new sun. For the price of youth is insurmountable to even the most precious stone.

Fading with the Forest

Empty walls crumble. Brick-by-brick the wounds open. Scars wither to Earth.

From Golden Stalks to Green Mountains

Through her scars of earth, Between tilled shimmering dirt, Gold whiskers converge...

Chartreuse Sky

Vibrant fall branches, a facade of chartreuse sky, whispers with the wind.

Be a Freight

"This is a fictionalized story based off the dumb shit I've seen people do on YouTube...this is for all the YouTube view whores and clowns who don't respect the train and treat it like a playground. If you're gonna ride and post vids at least be safe and know what you're doing?" Gray drizzled the sky through the wisps of clouds and my feet scampered along the slick parking lot with my friend hustling beside me. My head swiveled back-and-forth. Between the flash of red brick facade and the drowning squeals of freight rolling tenderly along the steel, my heart...

Face Tats and Steelies

I awoke next morning to the sun vexing my brow.  My eyes flickered, perturbed with itchiness, as I rubbed sand and dirt out of...
Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven Hawaii – Haiku Stairs

Stairway to Heaven Hawaii - Haiku Stairs Back before Kelly and I became newly weds in Arcosanti, AZ we both expressed our strong passions of...
The Fresno Train Yard

Freight to Fresno on a Work Car

Train Hopping Fresno It briskly showered the night before covering my bivy in a film of morning dew. My sleeping pad soaked up every droplet...
Shark's Cove Oahu

Snorkeling on Acid

Snorkeling Hawaii We putted along down the congested back roads towards Turtle Bay ready for snorkeling Hawaii. Nate sparked up a cigarette puffing plumes of...
Abandoned Maryland

Abandoned Rosewood Center

Abandoned Rosewood Center Update:  The Abandoned Rosewood Center was recently purchased by Stevenson University so over the next several years the project will expand the...